What are some of the newer features recently introduced in WhatsApp?

Whatsapp is ever evolving. Whatsapp was recently acquired by Facebook. Since then, there have been quite a few features introduced in whatsapp. It has evolved a lot in the last 1 year. These have made WhatsApp much better as compared to the other instant messaging applications. Owing to this very reason, the usage of WhatsApp has gone up significantly. More and more users rely on whatsapp for daily communication.
Currently, as well, Facebook is consistently making a lot of changes to WhatsApp so that it becomes better for the users.

Today we would articulate some of these changes in WhatsApp.

1. Computer users:
A few months back, WhatsApp launched a website with the help of which, you can use WhatsApp on your computer. Whatsapp for windows as well as WhatsApp for Mac and other iOS is easily available now by visiting that website. You have to just link it with your smartphone with the help of a bar code. Once you are able to link it, it becomes easier for you to use WhatsApp for windows on a consistent basis from your computer. This has been a revolutionary feature as the other applications are hardly available on your computer.

2. Larger groups:
Earlier, the limitation for WhatsApp groups was just 50 users. However, recently the limit has changed to 256 users. Owing to this very reason, it has become much more versatile. Also, now you can easily connect with a lot more users as well. This has also made it possible for businesses to create large groups. Whatsapp is turning into a social network now, instead of just a messaging application.

3. Status updates:
Whether you’re utilizing Whatsapp for windows or WhatsApp on any other platform, you would be able to access status updates of individual users. These can be in the form of small clips which users can easily update from time to time. This ensures that you are able to post and read your status messages as well on your whatsapp profile.

In addition to this as well, the video calling feature is also a huge hit as well. As you can see, whatsapp is continuously evolving. This evolution is making it more famous among users.

So, these are the features of whatsapp which you would hardly be able to get in any of the other messaging applications. These features are in turn making it even more popular.
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